Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pancakes and Poetry

My kids treated us to a spectacular home cooked breakfast this past Sunday morning-they were so proud of themselves. It just seems like yesterday when I was fastening them into their highchairs and preparing their meals for them. How quickly they grow up!

As a parent I urge everyone out there to try to "be present" in your experiences. I admit I am guilty of multi-tasking and allowing my mind to wander in a million other directions at the same time I am spending time with my kids. Try to remember the time passes so fast! I could have sworn they were just three yesterday.....

My little sister is expecting her first child at any moment and I was trying to go back to all the details of when each of my girls were born. Its all become kind of fuzzy to me as the years pass. I get so frustrated with myself because I want to remember every little thing; all the who, what and wheres. I have been so busy just trying to make it through each day I admit I have neglected to do a better job of mental record keeping. Okay, I know some of you out there are chuckling and thinking to yourselves, this gal's just getting old.

I have been trying to take more pictures, and keeping up to date on my blog entries with the hopes that I won't miss as much. In this modern age, life has become such a blur and I want to slow things down a bit and savor as much of my life as I can. Will that happen? At least I can give it my best shot, and thats all anyone can do.

For starters, I would like to share a beautiful poem my oldest daughter wrote recently. She had to incorporate her weekly vocabulary words into her writing and I think its pretty clever-I couldn't help being impressed. I know, I know, I am usally not one of those parents that is always talking about how great their kids are, but today, I just can't help it:

Dandelions by the billions
Float up to the tree
So tangible,
yet easy to see.
So easily plausible
just sit back and stare.

Into the sky make believe pictures float up and down,
Write for the word to be done
So Feasible
It can be praised by Love!

I leave you with this thought for today: "It is a great day to enjoy an ordinary moment with someone special!"

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