Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lincoln In a Box

No, its not the name of the latest rock band. He looks rather dashing in this picture, don't you think?
The kids and I went to the library and discovered this nifty little treasure. In honor of Lincoln't 200th birthday, I thought it would be neat to check this out and we could learn more about this president. It includes a book, DVDs,CDs,a guide and posters. What a great tool for homeschoolers, too! I have never really been that much into history, but how can you ignore it when you live in an area just brimming with it?
I am also considering gathering up the family to visit the David Wills house here on the square.

"David Wills will long be remembered as the man who invited President Abraham Lincoln to give “a few appropriate remarks” at the dedication of a cemetery for the Union war dead. Wills hosted President Lincoln in his home on the eve of his Gettysburg Address. It is here, in the Wills House, that Lincoln did the final edits on the 272 word, 2-minute speech that would be heralded as one of his greatest speeches."-from the website.

For more info on upcoming events, cut and paste into your browser window or,com_jthg/theme,region/task,view/county,Adams/Itemid,1/id,74/.

I think we could all do with learning more about this great man-we need some better role models in this day and age.

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