Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Friday was a perfect day in every way for the annual field day at my oldest daughter's school. It was sort of bittersweet; this is her last year here, in elementary school. She'll be off to middle school next, (and that is a whole different post.) But I can look forward to continuing this for three more years because our youngest daughter will be attending here in the fall. Saturday morning,I arrived at work and was greeted by Mandy, one of the resident kitties at the B&B. When I got through serving breakfast and changing out a room , I rushed home, gathered up Rick and the kids and we dashed off to the grocery store for a much needed stocking up for the party we were hosting on Sunday.
Check out the fabulous potato salad my mom brought over for our Sunday get-together. She always adds the most beautiful touches to everything she does.The flowers were even edible.
And this was the dessert that Rick just "threw together at the last minute." I am so lucky to have a chef for a husband. What a decadent way to end the already wonderful evening!
Earlier in the day my parents and grandmother had come up so they could meet their "grandaughter". (The furry four-legged one named Dancer.) After we made our introductions and we were getting ready to leave, the dear lady I work for at the bed and breakfast (where I also board Dancer) went out to her garden and cut the most gorgeous peonies so we could have them for our dinner table that evening. Along with these magnificent flowers, we also got a huge bunch of herbs to season our meal. So thoughtful!
Monday after work I came home and recuperated for a bit. Rick and I thought it would be a good idea to commemorate Memorial Day by taking the girls to visit some grave sites of war veterans. We chose Evergreen Cemetary in Gettysburg.
The girls were very concerned about the graves that didn't have any flowers. They spent several minutes searching out and laying flowers on those. We all took some time walking through and reading the markers. It overwhelms me to think of all those men and women who have served for and fought for our country so we can enjoy the way of life we have today. We even found a few graves with a marker showing they had fought in the Revolutionary War. This was the oldest marker I found while there. I am sure there are many more like this. I am just in such awe of all the people that were here before us. It makes me want to learn more-to hear their stories, what kind of life they lived; their hopes and wishes and dreams. I bet if I did take a closer look, I would see they were alot like us today. They loved their families very much, worked hard and wanted peace. I whispered a prayer as we left, thanking all of those who have served and fought and paid with their lives so that we can live free. Its easy in the hustle and bustle of daily life to forget all the sacrifice. Thank you one and all for your courage. May you rest in peace and know our gratitude.

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