Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm a Specialist

This is the lovely note I got on Friday when the girls came home from school. What a nice way to kick off Mother's Day!
We've had a lovely weekend so far. Rick was off yesterday and we ran a bunch of errands in Hanover. We drove past Hanover Shoe Farms and this was the typical sight dotting their fields:
When we returned home in the afternoon, I gathered the girls and we ran up to Hollabaugh's Farm Market to check out their bedding plants and Mother's Day flower baskets. Visiting them is one of my very favorite things to do.

They had some absolutely gorgeous baskets which of course, inspired me to create a couple of my own for my mom and grandmother, and then I thought "I might as well make a few more for some of the other very special moms I know!"
The girls and I love making our own gifts-I am trying to teach my children that you don't have to spend a huge amount of money on gifts-and I think home made ones are the best. Not that any gift isn't wonderful-it's just that the hand made ones hold a special place in my heart.
While I was making my baskets out on the back porch, the girls made me a refreshing drink:
It was lovingly made with hand squeezed cherry flavored Capri Sun (which,on any other day I would have had a cow over, because those are meant for the kid's lunches), fresh mint leaves from the garden, strawberries and bananas.
All in all it was a lovely day-one that comes too few and far between. I keep telling myself I need to remember this always-this is what life is meant to be like-full of sunny skies, fancy drinks and one incredible family.

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