Friday, May 8, 2009

Killer Barstools

One of my favorite pasttimes is "yard saling" (as my daughters have fondly coined the term.)

You just never now what treasures you will find! Recently, it was these incredible, upholstered barstools. Three of these beauties for $30. You have no idea how long I have been looking for something like these-probably about four or five years!

I am really starting to enjoy my house-while it is really small-(we're talking about 1100 square feet of useable space, my husband and I have decided to make every inch not only functional but very special.

I recently came across a really neat website; and since I haven't figured out with Blogger how to work it so when you click on the photo it takes you to the site, I will have to ask you to copy and paste the address into your browser here:
This site reaffirms our choice to downsize and live in a smaller abode. Who says you can't still have nice things, just on a smaller scale?

Going back to fabulous finds at yard sales and thrift shops, I found this chandelier for $10 at the Adams County Rescue Mission off of Route 30 going out towards New Oxford, (I just realized one of the shades is crooked-my bad!) It graces our dining area:
Here's a not so great full shot, but you get the general idea!
Here is a shot of our living room which is work in progress...

The curtains came from a bolt of fabric I got from-you guess it! The Mission! I love the cheery yellow-Now if you can just help me figure out how to hang art from the walls without breaking off huge pieces of plaster, we'll be making progress. Also, I am planning on stenciling the floor in the next week or so to look something like this:

Of course, it will be sort of a "Honey, while you were out" episode, because my husband absolutely hates it when I take on these sorts of endeavors. He doesn't understand just how much I truly enjoy the challenge of making things beautiful on a shoestring budget.

What he does understand is that I start lots of projects that I have a hard time finishing. (I am convinced I went undiagnosed with ADHD as a child.)
At any rate, stay tuned for more updates as the weather hopefully cooperates and in the mean time, "Happy Yard Saling!"

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