Monday, May 4, 2009

Victory Gardens

If you look around, there are so many opportunities out there just waiting for you to discover them.
My problem is when I come across them I want to do them all. Here is a running list of what I want to do in the next day or two:

-Decide if I am going to homeschool my kids next year
-Paint a portrait of my idol, Jackie Kennedy
-Finish my book on Witness Trees on the Gettsyburg Battlefield
-Finish my painting of a barn in Adams County to submit to the Historic Gettysburg - Adams County Barn Art Show-due by May 23rd
-work on my jewelry, specifically my bohemian rings
-work with my horse and take her on her first of many trail rides on the battlefield
-repaint the wood railings on my front and back porch.

That's just my short list-the long list includes stuff like tiling my front steps:
And the latest inspiration-"Plant a Victory Garden!"
(Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun)
What a cool thing to do with the kids. And of course, it has to look cute, with little plant markers, tomato cages and all.

Well, it doesn't hurt to set your ambitions high now, does it?

"The best changes often start as a single, simple thought. Think big, and discover the ways to make your dreams real."

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