Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Had No Idea

Jacqueline Kennedy, or Jackie O has always been my favorite role model. When I was younger, my little sister wisely gave me advice that I follow to this day-"What would Jackie do?" Her style and mystery intrigue me to this day. My husband and I were in Walmart this week doing our grocery shopping and at the check out a magazine caught my eye. I don't know which one it was, Time or Life or one of the many that are out there. Anyway, it is entirely dedicated to Jackie with wonderful photos I had not seen before, most in black and white. I immediately started whining like a little kid and asked Rick if I could have it, but he gave me a frown; the kind of frown that speaks volumes. Every wife knows it; its the one that says, "we need to save money-not be spending it on frivolous things like $12.00 magazines......"
When I came home I started searching on the internet for the name of the magazine-Rick doesn't know it yet, but it will be somehow magically appearing in our home with our without his help.While I haven't found it yet, I discovered something really neat that makes me think I am more like Jackie than I realized. Well, maybe in my own mind anyway. She also had a passion for horses. How cool is that?

"At the urging of President Kennedy's ambassador to India John Kenneth Galbraith, Mrs. Kennedy undertook a tour of India and Pakistan, taking her sister Lee Radziwill along with her, which was amply documented in photojournalism of the time as well as in the journals and memoirs of Professor Galbraith. At the time, Ambassador Galbraith noted a considerable disjunction between Mrs Kennedy's widely-noted concern with clothes and other frivolity and, on personal acquaintance, her considerable intellect.
In Lahore, Pakistani President Ayub Khan presented Mrs Kennedy with a subsequently much-photographed horse, Sardar (the Urdu term meaning ‘leader’); subsequently this gift was widely misattributed to the king of Saudi Arabia, including in the various recollections of the Kennedy White House years by President Kennedy's friend, journalist and editor Benjamin Bradlee. It has never become clear whether this general misattribution of the gift was carelessness or a deliberate effort to deflect attention from the USA's preference for Pakistan over India."

I think I will secretly pretend the King of Saudi Arabia has presented me with the gift of Dancer, the beautiful thoroughbred mare.....Oh alright, I can be a legend in my own mind, can't I?

I'm thinking that magazine is going to be my Mother's Day gift from Rick-what a thoughtful guy he is!

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