Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Day

Ever had an idea in your mind that you tried to carry out in real life and it didn't turn out? Well, I am happy to say this one did.
I have been fascinated with repurposed jewelry, which basically means you take vintage or castaway pieces, take them apart and make new, one of a kind treasures worthy of an Oscar evening (or just a trip to the grocery store.)

While my true love is horses, birds have been my inspiration the past month or so. I had purchased three blue bird beads on Etsy a while ago; one found a home into a bracelet I made for my mom's birthday, and another one just found her home onto this vintage moonglow button. I mounted this "altered assemblage" on a tiny rhinestone belt buckle, linked it with some 50's style flowers (I rescued from a pair of screw on earrings) which I then finished off with bits from a lovely pearl bracelet and some chunky, oxidized french turquoise beads.

I love pieces like this so much because they are one of a kind-and fashionable! You know will you will never find anything else like it anywhere and you are doing your part for the environment because it is recycled, or upcycled, or whatever the word of the moment is! Its just a wonderful way to celebrate Spring!
FYI-the necklace measures approximately 14". The focal piece of the necklace is approximately 2" wide by 1" tall; the pink flowers are about 1/2" in diameter.

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