Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Horrible Things She Does to Me (As Told By Dancer To Her Herd Buddies)

"One minute you're out in the field minding your own business, and the next thing you know, you're being dragged away to go for a ride. It's been like, three months? I was just getting settled in and relaxed and really starting to enjoy things."

"I mean, did anyone ask me how I felt about riding? Did anyone say, Dancer, want to go riding today? Like, I thought this nutty lady got me so I could grace her with my beautiful presence-just by simply existing, you know? After all, I am a gorgeous thoroughbred. Okay, so I know how to take advantage a little bit, doesn't every girl have a trick or two up her sleeve?
So, I figured I would come up with this great plan; I figured I would act hyper and get all sweaty and lathered up, so she would just give up on me."

"Then, I demanded some hay and that she take me back out in the field; I pawed with my hoof and threatened to dig a hole to China if I wasn't immediately returned to the field. Surprisingly, I didn't get a reaction or any hay!!!! Then I thought I'd try whinnying as loud as I could. I pawed the ground some more. Then I tried pushing back and forth on the cross ties. I also tried all three things at once; whinny, paw, push. Whinny, paw, push. I figured if I kept doing this, I was bound to get somewhere."
"Finally, we started going someplace. But would you believe it? She took me to that round pen......The nerve of her to put me in my place and remind me that she is the boss. Who do does she think she is anyway?"

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