Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Battlefield Tour Guides

In my never ending journey of research and discovery, I recently found an incredibly informative and fascinating site titled "The Gettysburg Daily" ( Here is a brief description of their purpose on the "About Us" page:
" The Gettysburg Daily is an independent website, whose purpose is to provide at least one picture a day related in some way to Gettysburg."

I could spend hours here-there is so much to see and read about and they have written it in a fact based, engaging and informative style. I was excited to find that while all the Licensed Battlefield Guides of Gettysburg have an in depth knowledge of the battle, the Gettysburg Daily reports that each has a "specialty". For example, LBG (licensed battlefield guide) Richard Goedkoop specializes in John F. Kennedy's visit to Gettysburg.

"On March 31, 1963, President John F. Kennedy with some friends and members of his family drove from a church service at Camp David, Maryland, to tour the Gettysburg Battlefield. Their guide was Jacob Melchior Sheads, a longtime Gettysburg High School History Teacher and seasonal historian with the National Park Service. Licensed Battlefield Guide Richard Goedkoop follows what we know of the route that the Kennedy party took around the battlefield".

Another guide, LBG Ted Gajewski, has made his focus Neill Avenue, or (Lost Avenue)

"Lost Avenue, as it is also known, is one of the least visited locations at Gettysburg National Military Park".

I personally enjoy learning more about those facts of the battle that might not be well known, and this was HUGELY informative.

(If you cut and paste the following address into your browser you will be able to view a video Of Neill, courtesy of Gettysburg Daily. This is absolutely fascinating!

NOTE: There are a total of three videos (two are on this page and one on the previous page). When you are on the page from this link, you will need to scroll down the many pictures to locate and view the video. An indicationof the video will be that you see a picture of Neil standing before the monument- and there will be a large white arrow that you need to click on and the video will begin.

Our family has thoroughly enjoyed all the hard work Gettysburg Daily has put forth. Thank you so much! This has allowed us to bring a little bit of Gettysburg's fascinating history into our home.

To learn more about Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guides and how to hire one, cut and paste the following address into your browser:

Parts of this article were reprinted from Gettysburg Daily's licensing guidelines which can be viewed here: (you may need to cut and paste as I haven't quite figured out how to properly link yet.) :0)

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