Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While helping a friend do a little marketing for his business, I came across the most intriguing little B&B tucked away in Gettysburg....I had never heard of it before and was so impressed with the presentation of her website I just had to share. It seems they just debuted in 2008. And much to my surprise and delight, it is all done up in a superb 1940's style I am just crazy for. How could they have known that for my wedding reception, to honor my late beloved grandfather and my dear grandmother, we had carefully planned our reception using a 1940's theme-complete with a fifteen piece orchestra! (They played Glen Miller like you wouldn't believe). It was as if Jolene, that clever girl, just knew that there is a little nostalgia that rests in all of us and that we often yearn to go back to it. This must have been in her heart when she drew up the plans for this place.

An excerpt from her site reads: "What began as an edgy, kitchy dream for your Innkeepers has finally become a showstopper of a wow-reality in Quite The Stir. Once a part of the lands lying in the shadows of the grand 1800's Gettysburg Springs Hotel, Quite The Stir in small part, has now re-awakened the Hotel's original intent and is again hosting guests to the charm of Gettysburg and surrounding countryside. When planning your Bed and Breakfast stay and looking for the unique and an abandoned relaxation, remind yourself that, in life, in the here and now, today is all we have here on earth... so sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, look for the unpredictable, rather than the predictable, the extraordinary rather than the ordinary and we think you'll most certainly find this and more at Quite The Stir. "Carpe diem !"
This really speaks to me! I am all ready to book a night like, right now! (Unfortunately for me I have little obligations to fulfill at this moment-things like kids, husband and a horse.) Oh yes, there is also work..... :0)

I have been graciously invited to tour this lovely bungalow in the near future and am on pins and needles to share all the fabulous details with you just as soon as I can! I'm sure it will be a place I will want to rush back to when I need some special "me" time.

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