Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The End of the Beginning

An excerpt from a book my youngest was reading to me. This is so profound. How is it when I need to hear some comforting words, they come from a children's book? And from an ant, of all things. Just goes to show you, wisdom comes from everywhere, you just have to listen really hard and be ready at any moment.

"Have you any idea how long this journey is going to take?" asked Edward.

Avon stopped suddenly. "Me?" he asked. "I thought you were leading the way."

Edward was upset. "Great." he announced. "We're lost."

Avon felt like crying. "I'm sorry, Edward. My mind is on any adventures that might come along. I wasn't paying particular attention to whre we were going."

"There, there," said Edward, realizing he had hurt Avon's feeling. "Getting yourself lost is easy. Happens all the time. It's finding yourself that's hard. So, I suggest we stop at the first door we come to and ask for suggestions."

"You mean directions, don't you?"

"It's hard enough being lost,"explained Edward, "but worse if you don't know what you're lost from. So, suggestions first, directions second."

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