Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am in the process of launching my new website, After kicking off my blog in late summer, I realized my vision was not quite being met. While this is a great venue journaling about daily happenings around town featuring myself and my family as the main characters, (and how our experiences have impacted us,) its always been my goal to bring my audience and visitors the most up to date information on living your best life here in Central PA and more specifically, in Adams County, PA. (I know that sounds alot like something Oprah would say.) I believe will fulfill this wish.

Most of you know our story; we moved up here from the Washington DC area to escape the high cost of living and in the search for better schools. We also downsized tremendously by moving to a smaller house, and cutting out alot of the extra expenses. Yes, it took me a while to overcome my Starbuck's daily fix; and weekly trips to Old Navy for the cutest kids' outfits. I also missed those occasional lunches at the Four Seasons Hotel and weekly happy hours at Old Ebbit Grill with my position as a director of special events. We traded in annual vacations at the seashore for day trips to Laurel Lake, (just up the road in Michaux State Forest) and short hikes on Oakside's walking trail. We traded in the late model vehicles for second hand cars, and although sometimes I wish I still had my SUV, I am not really losing any sleep over it.

I am not saying it has been easy. I got pretty sick and then Rick was laid off from his job for almost a year. But, with wonderful supportive family and friends, we got through it. We met people and discovered resources we never would have otherwise. When I look back on the path our lives have taken, I realize we have grown more than we realize. We have learned "Its not about wishing for what you don't have, but wanting what you've got." At least, I think thats what Rick always tells me.

I took on several odd jobs which allowed me to maximize my time with my children. I am now among other things, an administrative assistant, sales clerk, assistant innkeeper, after school daycare provider, horse trail guide wannabe and whatever other opportunities come my way. Thank the Lord that Rick has a pretty stable job as a store manager of a major retail chain; and these days retail is not so promising, but I count my blessings everyday.

We have tried to focus on others who are less fortunate than us-focusing on giving back to the community has been one of the most valuable things we could have ever taught the girls.

And, for a while, when one of our children was diagnosed with a mild learning disability, we researched Homeschooling and met some of the most wonderful families along the way. We have found the generosity and warmth of people in this area is amazing.

I have always wanted to find a way to give back to all those who have been so kind to us in our life's journey; I have always been at a loss as to how to do that. Most of the time when I would whisper to someone after helping me, "How can I ever repay you?" the overwhelming response has been: "Just help someone else out when you are in a position to." I suppose you could call it "Paying It Forward."

So, my friends, I would appreciate all your input and suggestions as I attempt in some small way, say "Thank You." I invite you to visit my new site and help me to make it the very best it can be.

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