Saturday, January 10, 2009

Books I Am Attempting to Read this Week

In the spirit of the New Year, and resolutions and all that stuff, I am striving to be a better person and enrich my horizons. The titles look great-hopefully I will actually find time to get to read these.....(Please note the parent's guide to understanding your pre-teen); my oldest is turning twelve this week and I am scared to death. Its not that she is a bad kid, (quite the contrary!) I am incredibly blessed with my children. I just want so much to do right by M and make being a teenager something that she and I can both look back on and say, "Wow, we had alot of fun!"
As if I wasn't trying to be ambitious enough just trying to survive parenthood, I am also preparing for my new position this Spring as a trail guide (on horseback) on the Gettysburg Battlefield. This is my dream job and I want to be the very best I can be at this. I am pretty confident I won't be able to compete with all those amazing guys who are doing this now, (after all, most of them have made the Civil War their lifelong passion); however, horses are my lifelong passion and this is an incredible opportunity of a lifetime. I figured if I learned about all the little known "obscure" facts of the Civil War here in Gettysburg I could hold a smidgen of credibility and possible respect for the guests even if for only a short time.

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