Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Winter Blahs

(Taken on one of my daily trips to the barn)

Okay, I admit it; the weather and this time of year are really getting to me. I make no bones about it; I am pretty sure I suffer from that "sunlight deficiency" thing. I just feel "gray".

Its a real problem; the past couple of days its been hard to get motivated. I am usually the one that keeps everyone focused and moving; it seems when I slow down, everyone becomes out of sorts.

I am trying the "fake it until you make it approach", also know as "one step at a time." Usually I have at least a spark of creativity that carries me through the tough times. Right now all I have is the knowledge that "this too shall pass." Boy, am I full of insightful cliches today, or what?

Armed with those useful tidbits of advice, I offer these images for your viewing pleasure: I call this one "Waiting"

I don't know what I call this one but I love the idea of focusing on ordinary things and transforming them into the extraordinary:

One of my many favorite parts of my dog Ella is her sweet nose and her whiskers.......On a sidenote, its not so wonderful when she shoves it in my face in the morning to wake me up at 5 a.m., but I am trying to be positive here.

And, I know I am spoiling the surprise for what we made for my Mom's birthday this year, but I just had to share:

She has been very much into birds lately-maybe because she recently created a beautiful quilt for my sister who is expecting her first child. It has a sweet little blue bird theme:

I guess in retrospect, I have managed to muster up a little creativity. It just hasn't given me that glowing feeling. Here's hoping Spring comes soon. For the time being, I will just focus on trying to appreciate the little things and take it one step at a time.

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