Monday, September 14, 2009

Round 'Em Up!

My brave little nine year old and her "boy" friend ("he's a boy who is a friend, mom!" she insists) decided they would be very brave and try the Round 'Em Up Ride at the local Fireman's Fall Festival.

I still can't define the feeling I had while I was watching them-half absolute terror that the ride would come off its hinges while I helplessly looked on, and half giddy excitement-thinking back to when I was a kid (a long, long time ago and going on one of those rides for the first time myself.) I rationalized away the fears with the thoughts that everyone should experience at least one carnival ride in their lifetime. We all need to remember to have fun once in a while, just for the sake of having fun.

The next day, I emailed E's friend's mom with this video along with some pictures of them on some of the other rides that evening. She mischieviously wrote back with the comment that we should use the one of them on the Scrambler in the wedding invitation.

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