Sunday, June 21, 2009

wasting my days in a caravan

Hi! This is Julie of Honeysuckle Faire. I am a guest poster today, due in large part to these muddy Wellies and a teal coloured mini-van. What?! Here is the fun story:

My grandmother gave me and my family a mini-van three years ago. It had low mileage and was a unique aqua shade. Ubiquitous, yet practical, we were in no position to decline this generous gift. This month, my parents kindly bestowed upon us another mini-van, with even lower mileage! Yes, it is true. We are mini-van magnets. They fall from the sky into our drive. We could not keep both so my husband, Brian, took some photos and listed the teal van on Craigslist. He walked into the house from his office and the phone started ringing. It was Andi, owner of this blog, inquiring about the van. This was 2 minutes after Brian had posted the listing! Andi and her daughters immediately set off on the 45 minute trek from their house to ours to check out the van. (Read her post here about having to settle for the very practical, yet unanimously un-sexy mini-van.) We loved Andi and her effervescent personality instantly. That was last Saturday afternoon. On Wednesday, Andi, her husband and daughters, and Brian and I and our daughter, Maizie, all met at the home of a poor, unsuspecting notary somewhere in the outskirts of Dillsburg to transfer the van title. We crowded in this man's tiny, tiny, tiny home notary "office" - Andi's family of four, ours of three, the notary and my crazy green Wellies. Someone commented about the Wellies. I had just turned out the horses, I explained. (Wellies are a horse conversation magnet, I know this from past experience. If you want to talk about horses, wear Wellies!) Well, Andi and I just started bubbling out of control in conversations about owning Thoroughbreds and blogging and farms and England and all our amazing commonalities! (We didn't even know at that point that we were both artists!) Our families were equally involved in the wild exchange of coincidental facts and we all were laughing and talking at the same time. The very patient notary was calmly trying to obtain the necessary signatures amid all the confusion. After we were concluded with the paperwork, our families and conversations spilled out into this man's driveway. There were just so many uncanny similarities and we couldn't talk fast enough! The man came outside because he needed to go somewhere. We were still talking as he drove away, shaking his head!

Isn't life wonderful? You just never know when you are going to meet other people who are living similar existences with common interests and philosophies.


Colleen Sculleigh Osman said...

A teal minivan! That makes me shriek out loud!!!! Teal minivans, green wellies, Pennsyvania horse lovers, a kindly notary! This is the stuff that comprise great stories! Thanks for the smile!

juliette said...

Colleen - you have to come down here to PA! You would love Andi! Even though I only just met Andi and I have never "met" you in person, you remind me of each other! You see the humor and beauty of it all.