Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Giving In

Yes, folks, I finally did it-I swore I never would, but God is having His fun with me-I am getting a VAN!

I had so wished for a suburban,

or an extended cab F-150:
But, unfortunately, our budget just wouldn't allow for it. Sigh!

Nevermind that I have two little girls who are involved with activities that make a van absolutely the ideal and practical choice. When I had told people about my hopes of purchasing a truck, they politely reminded me that I have children. Really? Oh, right! Those two adorable girls over there are mine, aren't they?

I guess I will have to put my dreams on hold for a little longer. (Begin playing violin here.) Alas, I am such a country girl at heart and was secretly planning on my next purchase after the truck to be a two horse trailer-just a little ole' tiny one!
When I shared my thoughts with my husband, he shot me one of those sideways glances like, "Are you out of your mind? That isn't even an option. And by the way, you only have one horse, Andi, or are you not telling me something?"

All I wanted was something to pull Dancer to the battlefield for those trail rides. But lets be realistic; she really should have some company-and, I was only thinking of my dear husband's best interest! He loves the Gettysburg Battlefield so much and what better way to see it than from horseback, and, on his very own horse! He doesn't know it yet, but he would sooooo enjoy tagging along with me. And, we would be spending that "quality time" together, riding off into the sunset.
See, here's the horse I had picked out.....

A girl can dream, can't she? I've been told many times I like to drink champagne on a beer budget.

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