Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Learn Something New Every Day

I have been listing some things on Ebay for a friend of mine and have been having a blast. Not only because these are some high ticket items, but also for the knowledge I have gained doing the necessary research.
Right now I have a Disney celluloid up for auction that proved to be pretty fascinating....
Copy and paste into your browser window:

We had the hardest time identifying this piece until someone kindly emailed me with the information. It came from a Disney short back in 1957-The Truth About Mother Goose. The cel was from Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary-and was the real story of Mary, Queen of Scots. Shame on me for not knowing my history very well-especially Scottish history, (my whole family on my mother's side is Scottish) but thanks to this extremely informative cartoon I got clued in-anytime I can combine a cartoon together with learning its a good thing!

This is only about 7 minutes long, so if you have some time to spare, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to possibly learn a thing or two.....

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