Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unicorn Girl and the Cosmic Journey, Chapter 3

There was a fox holding everyone's attention in the woods that skirt the pasture. (Its Easter Sunday, and a few degrees cooler than I like. The wind doesn't help matters, either.)
I try to make it out to see my sweet girl Dancer every day and am thankful that the kids want to always come along. My youngest lives and breathes horses; my oldest says she just wants to spend time together with me-horses aren't her thing; I feel so honored to have her here. She is growing up so fast-and turning into such a special young lady. Every day I am amazed at how mature she is when handling difficult situations. She is so wise, and so beautiful. I am very blessed. All thats missing from this picture are my dogs. Hey, if you count everyone, I have six kids-including my husband :0)

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