Thursday, April 23, 2009

Camilla's Candied Apples

This is a horse treat, believe it or not. My trainer already tells me I spoil my OTTB (off the track thoroughbred) Dancer too much; what would he say if I showed up with one of these? I think I might have to conduct a little experiment......

Now all I need to do is decide which one to get! From lollipops to tacos, this gal has some fun treats for that special pony in your life. The name of her place is "Petafour Bakery" -how cute is that! Visit her site:
I better not show this stuff to my horse crazy nine year old-she loves them so much she actually thinks she is a horse. I've caught her in our pantry on many occasions, eating uncooked Quaker Oats in a bowl. "What in God's Green Earth are you doing?" I ask. "Oh, I'm just having my snack," she nonchalantly replies. I've never seen a little girl try so hard to emulate these creatures as I have with my dear child.

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