Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer is Almost Over

Seara from Forgotten Treasures Equine-Come visit her here:

There, I've said it. If you are like me, you don't even want to think about what's coming down the pike in a few weeks. Dare I say the word? (School) Yes, I'll admit during the summer months it can be some what challenging with the girls trying to keep them busy, but I do enjoy having them home with me. And, I am sure alot of you are in the same boat as we are, and vacations are non-existent due to the high cost of gas. We have had to be a little more creative this year, however, I think that E and M will have some nice memories to look back on.

No, we haven't attempted any theme parks yet, and I know I am depriving my kids, but this week I am helping out with a pony camp at Hummingbird Hill Farm where the girls are enrolled. This is their third year doing this and it is a blast! What little girl wouldn't want to spend their whole day with horses? The theme is centered around horse shows, and tomorrow, we will be participating in a little in-house show at the farm to demonstrate what we have learned.

Last month, they got to go to a Girl Scout Camp in Fairfield where they also enjoyed themselves and made lots of new friends. We also attempted to go camping at Assateague Island for the weekend at the end of May. (It was cut short by a tornado watch, but nevertheless, we still managed to have a good time.)

I guess I was prompted to think about all we have done this summer because the girls just got their teacher assignments for the year and in the letters the teachers sent out, they asked each student to have something to share on what they did during their time off. This in turn made me think about what I have done, and I can't say its been a whole lot, other than working.

I do have sort of an obsession, though. Since we placed Thor, I have been tirelessly searching for a new addition to our family. I made friends with Kathleen, who runs FORGOTTEN TREASURES EQUINE RESCUE,,who was kind enough to assist me with our very difficult transition. We are so grateful to her for all she has done, and I promised her it would be one of my missions to help her in any way I could to place these very special horses and any future sweetie pies she rescues. She has some wonderful treasures for adoption, of which Moonie is our favorite:

They will be hosting an open house, so be sure to mark your calendars:
If you would like more information or have any questions, it would be best to direct them through the FTER website.
Thanks, Kathleen, for all you do!

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Forgotten Treasures Equine Rescue said...

Thanks Andi for posting my rescue(Forgotten Treasures Equine Rescue) on your blog. I am hoping the exposure will allow me to find forever homes for the wonderful horses here. I know there is a special someone out there looking for each one of these horses to love for the rest of their lives.
I had a great time when you came to visit on Sunday, your girls are so well mannered and their friends were just so cute to listen to them talk about the horses and dogs. I hope the kids enjoyed their chocolate covered apples on the trip home. You and your family are welcome anytime.
Take care..