Friday, March 4, 2011

I think I've Got It, Thanks to Thomas Jefferson,Tracy Porter and a Magpie

"I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give."
Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Donald, February 7, 1788
I recently read a lovely little book called "A Very Modest Cottage" depicting the true story of a lovely gal, Tereasa Surratt. In the words of one reviewer,"This is so much more than a story about a restoration project or a how-to manual. This is an uplifting and inspiring account of a journey to preserve a little piece of Americana, beloved childhood memories and a tribute to traditional... heritage. I found this book to be so enjoyable because there are so many stories within the larger context of the book... you can literally read or peruse this book over and over and each time find new insight into how collectively ordinary people can bring enrichment and beautification to the world in which we live."

My little house has always been an ongoing challenge for me; ranging from elation to wistfulness. My dear friends are always admonishing me about it. "You really need a larger house," they say. I usually smile and nod, quietly. Yes, sometimes it seems a bit small. It gets cluttered easily and the dust gathers faster than you can say "spring cleaning."

But, oh, how I love the challenge of making the most out of this space we call our home. In a day and age where everyone is living to excess and there are hardly anymore dinners around the table as a family, I am holding on to a time when things were simpler, less hurried, and yes,smaller. Like the Modest Cottage, our house is snack size in comparison to the super-sized structures out there these days and I enjoy trying to make sure each detail in our house is both purposeful, beautiful and meaningful, all at once.And it doesn't hurt to have a dog or two to add to the cuteness factor! I strive to teach my kids how to be happy with less and we all enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to tackling ways to make our space more liveable, enjoyable and well, fun! I like tucking unexpected surprises in out of the way places and using objects in a myriad of ways.
One of my favorite accents is an embellished lampshade from Her Majesty Margo. Recently, Tracy Porter wrote "you are.....magpies and writers of your own dreams." I fancy myself like a magpie-these birds and I share an affinity for the same shiny things and I read somewhere that they often weave bits of shiny threads into their nest. Behold this fabulous front door which recently inspired me to rethink our entry way:As a start, my mom is always sending us the most beautiful cards, and, in being optimistic about welcoming spring, I just had to frame it and share it with the world by displaying it on our door, too. I know my husband thinks I am crazy for constantly changing colors, adding little trinkets here and there and re-arranging the furniture, but we have decided that it is the cheapest and best therapy for me to express myself! Being an artist, I have to do this or I will go crazy. So, for the time being, until another whim comes my way, just humor me, okay? (A little plaque I made out of bits of antique jewelry,some glittery buttons and unusual findings.)

Welcome to Magpie Fancy!

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