Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I'm Reading This Week....

Aaaah, the sun is shining, the wind is dying down, no work or appointments today-just helping the girls with their schoolwork. I think I will enjoy one of my very favorite things to do, READ! And because I can't bear to keep such fantastic literature to myself, I want to share an excerpt from Billy Collin's "The Trouble With Poetry"


I lie in a bedroom of a house
that was built in 1862, we were told-
the two windows still facing east
into the bright reveille of the sun.

The early birds are chirping,
and I think of those who have slept here before,
the family we bought the house from....

and the engineer they told us about
who lived here alone before them,
the one who built onto the back
of the house a large glassy room with wood beams.

I have an old photograph of the house
in blacck and white, a few small trees
and a curved dirt driveway,
but I do not know who lived here then.

So I go back to the Civil War
and to the farmer who built the house
and the rough stone walls
that encompass the house and run up into the woods.....

I love the feeling of having so many glorious books and not knowing which one to pick up first. May all of you experience this at least once in your life! Have a wonderful day XO, Andi

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