Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pictures of the Day

The last part of this year has been quite a blur and it seems I strayed away from one of my favorite pasttimes which is blogging about neat little bits and pieces of information I am always learning about the Civil War here in Gettysburg. I have to approach it from an angle that I have some connection to; and my love of horses lead me to the discovery of some fascinating pictures (I think) I thought it would be fitting to share these as a reminder of how quickly we forget what so many that were here before us have sacrificed for us so we can enjoy the life we have today. My mare Dancer will balk at some of the silliest things; I can't even imagine her surviving as the horse of a civil war soldier!
This is a very rare photo (below)of Little Sorrel taken shortly after Stonewall Jackson was shot from his saddle with a mortal wound. The negative of this photo was destroyed during the fall of Richmond in 1865. The horse is identified as “Old Sorrel” in this photo and was called “Fancy” by Jackson himself. Historically, this horse has been said to be a Morgan but this picture reveals he was probably a type identified as a “Virginia Riding Horse”; mostly thoroughbred.

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