Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Centered

Ah, beautiful Broadkill Beach, where we have been migrating every year for a week each June; kids and dogs in tow. This year, we were blessed with my grandmother and aunt for a couple of days. It's not often we get to spend time with them, and my grandmother's health has not been the best. We all just wanted to hug and touch her alot and tell her how much we love her. My aunt is equally as dear-she is so kind and thoughtful-it was all incredibly special and will make for some lovely memories for a long time to come.

Part of my time is spent catching up on reading material which has been piling up since Christmas, I'm embarrassed to say, but I am glad to report, I plowed through most of it. In these quiet moments, perusing through pages and pages of books and magazines, I am convinced that God is trying to send me a message. I promise to go into more detail in the coming days, but for now, I will leave you with a lovely passage from Hope Rising which I finally finished the last chapter of!

"...with the tenderness of an angel's kiss, I crooked my index finger and touched the space between her nostrils. It was as soft as a butterfly's wing. It was the first time that she came to me actually searching for the comfort of my hand. That moment flooded my heart with warmth. From then on, each day built upon the last. She allowed me to touch her muzzle, her cheek, her forehead-and finally her neck and body. Working with her was like stringing a precious necklace, one pearl at a time."
This was a much different account than the first time the author, Kim, had laid eyes on this little filly-"she was like every other child I'd ever known, starving for all of the physical and emotional sustenance that gives hope to live another day. Time for her was running out. Like a battered child, she wouldn't raise her head or even lift her eyes to look at me. My presence seemed to inspire only more fear in a heart that had already been tattered by more sorrow than she could bear....she reminded me of many of the children I work with-conditioned by long periods of rejection, they learn to fall back into the shadows, to say nothing, to think nothing, to be nothing.In full view of the world they gradually wither and disappear".

God spoke to me this week, and I actually took the time to listen. I vow to you Lord, I am going to try harder from now on.

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