Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Beautiful Sky and Babies Everywhere!

I have a thing for purple clouds and pink skies and lately, that's what we've been having in our part of town. I just had to share! I also can't resist showing you our little duck family that has decided to take up residence in our lilac bush. Mama proudly takes her babies out for a walk in the cool air of the evening, across the big expanse of field to the right of our house. I hold my breath every time I see them, praying that the neighborhood cat doesn't discover his next meal. I am also getting lots of extra gray hairs watching them waddle across the street to the neighbor's where there is a small fish pond. A couple years back, we had another pair of ducks who called our backyard home and to our shock and dismay, we discovered mama hit by a car one day. Nature can be so stressful-it's just one more delicate thing in the circle of life that we humans have disrupted in our ongoing development of the world around us-I just watched Avatar and am keenly more aware of how destructive and greedy mankind can be.

On a lighter note, my husband Rick pointed out some other special guests who have decided to call two of the trees in our yard home for a time. The girls cleverly named this one "Peaches"-can you figure out why? And this one Mabel, (although she should theoretically be named Maple-because of the maple tree, get it? Mabel sounded much cuter!) Actually, before I could capture Mabel on film, she flew away. But she is quite a beautiful little robin. I will be sure to share more pics with you as I find those perfect photo-op moments. Until then, happy trails!

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