Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Does This Guy Have to Do With Anything?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. But when we went to Distelfink's recently, we saw an old truck piled high with junk and the cutest lab waiting patiently for his owner in the front seat. The girls went up to the window to say hello and he didn't budge from his watchful post, eyes never wavering from the door of the building, waiting for his master to emerge. I couldn't resist taking a shot.

We found our way inside the old drive in restaurant, and the girls ordered icecream and french fries-a safe choice, while not the wisest, but(hey, it was Friday evening),and it was the start of the weekend. You have to pick your battles, right?Aaah, the weekends.....if life could always be this lovely and simplistic-having such struggles about figuring out what flavor icecream to pick and looking forward to the wonderful spring weather.....

(By the way, that lab's owner, a crusty old man with weathered hands and a wiry beard which grew down to his belt, returned to his faithful four legged friend with a freshly grilled hamburger. A fitting reward for sitting so patiently!)

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