Saturday, October 17, 2009

How Can You Not Believe in God?

The view from my window on a plane to Houston last Thursday. All I could think was this is what it must look like from heaven-beautiful clouds and gorgeous blue sky....(the weather man said it was actually a huge storm coming in from the gulf.) I had never seen anything like it. I studied this scape for what seemed like miles and miles.

I had the privilege of going with my mom to the International Quilt Show in Houston, TX last week. We stayed at the beautiful Hyatt Regency:One could very easily get used to the opulent surroundings and exceptional service. (Not to mention Shula's Steak House) I wished my husband could have been there for that-the menu was handpainted on a Wilson Football and presented to us on a kick off tee.We spent three glorious days going through the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston visiting more than 950 booths offering antique and contemporary quilts, fabrics, books, notions, patterns, sewing machines, antiques, crafts, collectibles, and more! This quilt won the $10,000 prize-made by a very talented gal in Paducah, Kentucky.
Every quilt was a masterpiece and inspiration. Here are a few more I would like to share:

Our trip centered around my mom promoting her new book, Making More Needle-felting Magic: New Techniques, Creative Projects. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own life and it was such a blessing to spend time with this woman who has so much talent. She can't help but inspire everyone she meets. Words just can't express her amazing gifts and how beautiful a person she is both inside and out. She made a presentation one afternoon to a large crowd, all were completely enamoured with her styles and techniques. It was an understatement to say I was so proud. To get a sampling of what I have enjoyed all my life, visit her blog . As part of the fun and to pique interest, I got to wear some of her creations during our visits to the show. This was a fabulous belt I paired with jeans and a t shirt that was an early birthday present: I got so many compliments on this fabulous purse...yet another early gift...
The most lovely thing about this whole experience was that I got to spend some much needed time with my mom. Even at 45 (yes, I will be 46 in less than two weeks but I will hang on to my youth as long as i can!!) I realize how much I love her and how important it is to spend time with her. I don't think anyone ever outgrows that. As I watch my own kids become young women, I have an AHA! moment every week-"So thats what she was trying to tell me all those years ago....".
I have lots of regrets in my life, but I think my biggest one is that I didn't listen more closely to my mom. Her advice and wisdom have proven more valuable than almost anything else I have ever received. I can only pray I will instill some of that in my kids and that they will listen alot sooner than I did :0)

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