Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was planning on doing a craft show this past weekend, but pulled out at the last minute, due to the fact that I didn't have much inventory or supplies to make new things. I decided I should be properly representing myself or not doing it at all. I did manage to complete one painting of my horse, Dancer-its acrylic on canvas, 18x 18. I am so pleased with it I think I am going to frame it and keep it for myself.
Last week, when I visited my parents, my mom reminded me of some paintings I had given her-(One of my mom and me as a baby) and this one of eggs in buckets that I can't get to rotate-so please forgive the side view. :0)
I also had forgotten I had done this one: I went through a period where I was fascinated with figures and forms. Most of all, I love color and while I am self taught, I would love to attend classes somewhere and study theory and concepts. I consider myself to be very "primitive" in my work, but have always been warmly recieved when I've decided to sell some of it. I'm proud to say I have a few painting in private collections in Europe and across the United States. While I know I will never be a Picasso, I enjoy making people smile when they look at my pieces.

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