Friday, July 10, 2009

Juliette from Honeysuckle Faire presented me with this award; each recipient must disclose ten things about his or herself that their followers might not know-then, pass it on to 10 others including the thoughtful chap who awarded it in the first place.

While I am completely enthralled with this whole concept, it also requires some thought, and this week, it has been a challenge to even figure out what cereal to eat for breakfast, let alone think of things to share that might offer some insight into the window of my soul. Once again, thank you, Honeysuckle Faire, for all your inspiration that pushes me to step out of the limitations I create in my head to visit unexpectedly wonderful places that I never knew I could reach. In the short time we've known each other, Juliette has helped me to jump start the creativity I had set on the back burner for a while in the midst of dealing with "life".

So here goes:

1) I am incredibly proud of the fact that I am a first generation American; my mother is from Scotland and my dad is from Burma, which I hope to visit someday. (I realize this is next to impossible, but I still think about going to see where my dad's childhood home was.) I am very fortunate to have visited Great Britian twice and did get to see where my mother grew up.

2) I yearn to play a musical intrument really well-like maybe the guitar or the drums and perform in a really great jam session or a concert. And, in the spirit of concerts-I wish I had a good voice so I could break out into song spontaneously and be really good; right now, my dog gets up and moves to the next room.

3) Its my dream to own a farm someday; just a litte one, a "farmette" where I can keep my menagerie. I so enjoy my time with my girl, Dancer.

4) I would like to ride really well in at least one race at a race track and live out my fantasy of being a jockey.

5) I would like to learn how to skeet shoot or use a pistol. Why? I just think its a great skill and I would look really cool doing it.

6) One of my favorite things to do on a rainy afternoon is listening to vintage jazz-i.e. Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, etc. and working on my paintings. or a craft project. I also love rearranging the furniture, curtains, decor in my home-I think its the only place I have a little control in my life-my poor husband never knows what he is walking into when he comes home from work.

8) Like Juliette, I too, have a photographic memory, but only for phone numbers. I never have to write one down.

9) I am constantly thinking about death and all the things I need to do before I leave this place; I always feel like God is trying to speak to me through daily experiences and share the meaning of life with me-but I rarely understand. (I think the reason I am always involved in so many things is, I am always asking myself the question "What if? What if this was the one thing I was supposed to do that would help in discovering a solution to world peace/ ending hunger/ curing a disease, etc? I realize this can make a person crazy-so I have been trying to make a huge effort to just focus on things like spending time with my kids, husband and family-after all, taking care of them definitely goes under the headings of "world peace" and "ending hunger"-so maybe I am making strides after all.

10)I want to take my family across the United States in a big RV and visit as many small towns as we can-just taking in the beauty and charm everywhere-meeting people and and having loads of fun!!!!!

Wow, I guess that's it. And now my brain needs a rest, so I will pass this award on to:

Juliette at Honeysuckle Faire
Holly of Highbridge Farm
Jo Diebel of Angel Acres
My brother Ian
My sister Jenni
Carmen from Life At Star's Rest
Minda from "The Buzz" Bakery and Coffeehouse
My sister in law Michele
My friend Sandy
My Uncle Gordon

On a sidenote I did have one more wish that I would like to achieve in my lifetime; and that's being able to wear a beautiful designer evening gown and wellingtons at the same time!

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juliette said...

I love the story of Frank and his potato pancakes! His photo and t-shirt is priceless! Your Honest Scrap is wonderful. You are a bright and kind spirit in our blogging world, Andi! I am so grateful we met.