Monday, September 15, 2008

Things to Be Happy About

My 85 year old grandmother lives about an hour and half from us, on the outskirts of D.C., and with my crazy schedule we don't get to see her very much. We finally decided it had been long overdue and packed up the kids and made the trek to spend an afternoon with her.

It was lovely; we decided to take her out to lunch and afterwards she insisted on getting sneakers for the girls for school-(Nanas are great for this sort of thing-they always want to help out with all those unavoidable expenses associated with back-to-school.)

Nana invited us back to her place for a rest before our journey back home. We sipped lemonade and talked about all sorts of things. It was one of those days I secretly wished would go on for a while-I didn't want it to end. For a short time, I was transported back to a time before kids and husbands-I was a younger version of myself.

As a special treat, Nana always had something fun to share with the girls-usually it was old photographs-a reminder of days gone by. My girls always enjoyed looking at these and trying to recognize who was who. Today, Nana had something different. "I think you'll get a kick out of this," she gave me a little wink and a smile as she handed me something.

I took the hand made book from her hand and started reading. Honestly, I didn't even remember making it. But, it was clearly in my handwriting, and was obviously compiled during my "Calligraphy" period. There are five pages:

I got the biggest kick out of the fact that I listed "Queen Size Beds" twice. What was that all about? All I can say is that my grandmother is always so wise and seems to have the best timing in the world. How did she know that I needed to be reminded of what makes me happy? It seems that I, like everyone else, can fall prey to the blur of everyday activities. So, don't forget to enjoy something special today; it could be your grandmother, an indian summer day, or whatever makes you happy in your life! Cheers!

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