Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Inspiration

My oldest daughter and I watched this movie yesterday.
I always enjoy hearing about and seeing parts of the world that I have never been to, and especially love it when I get to hear the stories behind the places. (I am always searching for profound messages in everything and this film is no exception.) I suppose it's just me trying to hear God speaking to me. Well, He did through this movie. What it doesn't offer in thrilling suspense or lots of sex scenes, it more than makes up for in spectacular shots of the sweeping Spanish countryside, the quaint little towns and their people and sends a message loud and clear that speaks clearer than any scripted talking scenes can offer. I especially loved viewing the church Tom and his group reached towards the end of the film, named the Santiago de Compostela. (Be patient with the video-the frame is corrected shortly after it begins and is a real treat to view.

It made me think of how something as simple as spending time with a stranger and enjoying a meal can give you a glimpse into your own soul (if you look hard enough) given the setting and the circumstances. Aaah, but the key is being able to recognize it and appreciate it, because these windows are few and far between.

It makes me realize just how small we all are in this vast, spectacular world full of all it's stories about her places and her people.

After all, it's all about the journey, isn't it? I believe I am going to add Santiago de Compostela to my bucket list. xoxo Andi

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