Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Beautiful Autumn Day

It's a gorgeous day here in Adams County, PA! I am enjoying Ella F. as I get in a quick post.
We are going to take a much deserved break this afternoon and head over to Hanover to check out the new Hobby Lobby. I am hoping to pick up some fabric to re-upholster my oversized ottoman. Maybe some lovely heavy brocade? Or an updated toile? Of course, anything that has red in it is an immediate favorite!
Will let you know what I discover....And, if I'm lucky, we'll get to stop in the New Oxford Coffee Company to enjoy some of the best apple cake you have ever tried! Don't forget to pare it up their Hot White Chocolate infused with a shot of raspberry syrup. Yum!
Also, wanted to share a few pics of the last week or so-there is always a beautiful rainbow somewhere after the rain!And of course, here's one of my beautiful girls-(I have three four-legged ones and two two-legged ones!) Hope you got that; you did? Good for you-I have a hard time keeping things straight myself most of the time!

Here's to a wonderful day and will catch up with our adventures soon. XOXO Andi

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