Sunday, November 29, 2009

Picture of the Day

Some pics around town yesterday:
Leaving the bank a hawk touched down not 30 feet from us....what beauty right in the middle of town! His feathers didn't ruffle at all when we captured his regal perch on a local birdbath.We then decided to pay a chance visit to a favorite little shop of mine nestled on the back roads of Upper Adams County. Alas, it was closed. However, a bonus opportunity presented itself when we happened upon kindly Mr. Waggoner out for a Saturday afternoon ride.
Of course you know the wheels started turning in that brain of mine. I pulled over, introduced myself and told him how beautiful his horse was. I then asked him how hard it had been to train his sweet pony to drive-her name is "Little Girl" and she was 5.

He said he sent her to a an amish gentleman for a month and she came back ready to go! Hmmmm, Dancer, are you ready?

(On an interesting sidenote, it so turns out, he had purchased the cart from Mr. Hauser,the husband of a dear friend of mine- back in the 1980's.) What a small world!

We are constantly reminded of how our lives are intertwined with so many, aren't we? We are connected with the lives of others in some pretty fascinating ways.

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